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The 'Good Enough' Parent
How to Provide For Your Child's Social and Emotional Development
Andrew Wake
Andrew Wake

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How to provide for your child's social and emotional development
Do you worry about your children?
Are you confused or confronted by their emotional outbursts?
Do you often find yourself wondering, 'What do I do now?'
Child and adolescent psychiatrist Andrew Wake has worked with children, adolescents and their parents for more than ten years, and knows how difficult it can be for parents to manage their own emotions let alone help their children manage theirs.
He explains that children naturally want everything, but that our job as parents is to give them 'just enough'. Indeed, parenting can be thought of as a gradual shift from 'saving' our children (telling them what to do) to 'supporting' them (allowing them the freedom to learn for themselves).
Dr Wake demystifies children's behaviour by explaining how their brains and their early attachment experiences work together to influence their emotional development.
He offers practical advice on:
- responding to strong emotions
- setting boundaries
- communicating as a family
Peppered with excellent case studies, this reassuring book will inspire confidence in parents, carers and anyone who works with children.


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