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A Flight Against All Odds

Kate Clements
Kathleen Clements

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It's not everyone's idea of a honeymoon - a 12000 mile flight from Scotland to Australia in a single engine, canvas covered plane. Even less idyllic if the pilot has only 44 hours flying experience and the navigator learned her job via a do-it-yourself course. But George and Kathy Wright from Glasgow did it - eventually.
It took four months of trepidation and resourcefulness, fear and frustration, and delight and innocent blundering through the formalities of four continents. Refuelling in mid-air... landing at secret military airfields... trailed by police... the plane looted... caught up in the sensitivities of politics... marital tensions.
Kathy Wright who, in 1968 was 24, kept a frank and meticulous diary. It is an absorbing, amusing and exciting story of the epic journey across the world of two young and very naive people.


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